Enterprise Energy Management Information System (EEMIS)
SoCalREC’s mission driven activities are aligned with California’s Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan (“CEESP”). In support of CEESP’s long-term goals, access to Enterprise Energy Management Information Systems (EEMIS), LA County’s utility manager system, is offered by SoCalREC to local governments so that they “lead by example with their own facilities and energy use practices” (CEESP’s Strategic Plan Goal 3). By monitoring energy usage, EEMIS can provide valuable metrics for new energy benchmarking and management policy development and for staff reports to city councils in support of energy efficiency projects. Implementing EEMIS elevates the awareness of energy use and helps instill a culture of good energy management practices where energy efficiency projects and Demand Response become the norm.

For more information on EEMIS, contact:
Brian D. Roberts
Los Angeles County Internal Services
Energy Management Division
Voice 323-267-3010

Unique Benefits:

True Cost Effectiveness
Local governments can leverage the existing software licensing structure established by LA County. EEMIS is not a commercially available product and is shared at-cost within public agencies.

Part of a regional effort
Local governments gain the power of scale and benefits of standardization in benchmarking similar facilities against each other throughout LA County and the Southern California region.

Best Practices
Technical Assistance and "lessons learned" are available from LA County and other local governments with experience in the same system.

Simple and Effective
Built and customized by LA County to fulfill the needs of public agencies, EEMIS is simple and effective while having a robust set of capabilities that allow for cross tabulation of data and comparisons within a city or across like facilities in the region.

Public Agencies can expect to receive:

Provide training sessions for the City staff to describe the EEMIS benefits, demonstrate reporting and analysis capabilities, and explain system functionality in support of facility retro-commissioning and monitoring based commissioning. One-on-One or workshop sessions will provide practical hands-on use, tailored for each City and include copies of all workshop materials. As requested and or needed, the County will provide additional training to new staff and refresher training on a periodic basis. Dates and locations coming soon.

Consulting Services
  • Customized Implementation at Local Government level
  • City electrical and IT system integration support 
  • Identification of potential pilot projects: Allow industry experts to help City staff learn how to analyze the data provided by EEMIS to help identify anomalies within a city’s facilities.
IT Services
Database and Service administration