SoCalREC Program Services

Aggregated Energy Efficiency Measures

Responding to high demand for energy efficiency measures at municipal facilities across the region, SoCalREC has developed an initiative to streamline the procurement process for these services. Taking an aggregated procurement approach, SoCalREC:

  • Identifies eligible measures that benefit multiple municipalities;
  • Selects a short list of qualified vendors to perform the necessary services through competitive and transparent solicitations that align with local government guidelines and provide bulk pricing and other economies of scale;
  • Creates a financial feasibility analysis to explore the viability of undertaking projects and helps to build the business case for the implementation of single measures or the bundling of services;
  • Coordinates the entire procurement and implementation process and provides all necessary project documentation and technical support.

Whole Building Services

SoCalREC offers comprehensive technical assistance and expertise to identify energy saving potential as well as bring shovel-ready facility or infrastructure projects to fruition. The team focuses on bringing down barriers that prevent projects from moving forward by assisting local governments through the procurement and implementation processes. Taking the role of an owner’s representative, SoCalREC can:

  • Perform detailed design audits, while also integrating potential demand response, renewable energy and carbon offset credit revenue sources;
  • Develop equipment specifications and other procurement documents;
  • Build the business case for project implementation through the creation of a financial feasibility analysis report;
  • Help procure services through the aggregated procurement initiative or the bundling of measures to achieve attractive overall return on investment of projects;
  • Finance projects through the SoCalREC Master Lease Initiative or assist to identify other available financing options;
  • Draft comprehensive staff reports to obtain city’s governing boards approval for projects
Pool Pump Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
Street Lights Improvement Initiative
Whole Building Approach Initiative
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